Samsung Instinct from Sprint now in Pink

13 Jan 2009 | Samsung , Smartphone , Sprint | 14 comments

Sprint today launched a pink version of the Samsung Instinct smartphone. The deviced was first introduced by Sprint at the 2008 CTIA in April and made available in June for $129.99. Nothing new has been added to the Samsung Instinct,...

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Sanyo Katana Eclipse X launched by Sprint

4 Nov 2008 | Sanyo , Sprint | 1 comment

Sprint has launched their new phone, the new Katana Eclipse X by Sanyo, which is a middle range clamshell mobile phone. The Katana Eclipse X is almost identical to the previously released Katana Eclipse but one of the changes made...

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LG and Samsung's new addition for Sprint

21 Oct 2008 | LG , Sprint | 7 comments

Sprint will now be providing its subscribers with a much better line-up of new phones with the addition of two new Samsung phones and 1 ultra-chic LG mobile phone. Two QWERTY phones and a dual-sliding mobile music phone are offered...

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Palm Treo 755p unveiled by Sprint

9 May 2007 | Palm , Smartphone , Sprint | 10 comments

Sprint and Palm have today launched the new Treo 755p smartphone, the upgraded version of the 700p, which also landed on Sprint a little less than a year ago. The Treo 755p runs on Palm OS 5.4.9 and it comes...

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Sprint and Nextel merger expected to close on August 12

9 Aug 2005 | Nextel , Sprint | 0 comments

After the shareholders of the two companies and the FCC approved their merger, Sprint and Nextel today announced that the deal will close this Friday, on August 12....

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