Apple: Unlocking can brick your iPhone

26 Sep 2007 | Apple , Security , att | 1 comment

In an attempt to scare people off even more, Apple released a press release this week saying that unlocking your iPhone to be used with other carriers besides AT&T may render it useless. Don't worry, Apple would never do anything...

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Japan creates cell phone that recognizes its owner

28 Oct 2006 | Security | 6 comments

We know Japan can make a lot of crazy stuff, but this is ridiculous. Their newest invention? A phone that has the ability to recognize its owner and automatically lock when the person gets too far away from it. It...

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New phone that screams when stolen

2 Oct 2006 | Security | 2 comments

I know this sounds pretty crazy, but now you can scream along with your phone when it gets stolen. A new service has been launched today that can determine when a mobile phone gets snatched and instantly start screaming. The...

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PayPal Mobile launched

22 Mar 2006 | Security | 0 comments

According to Engadget, PayPal has launched a new service that allows people to transfer money through their mobile phones. We weren't sure about this, so we searched the PayPal Help Center a couple of minutes until we came across this...

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BenQ P50 PDA finally here

26 Jan 2006 | BenQ , Security | 1 comment

BenQ has finally decided to release their PDA phone, the BenQ P50. This handset was (or still is) actually considered the ultimate PDA phone for business people. Well, I'm not sure about that. The P50 will contain a 1.3 megapixel...

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