Legal Battles For Mobile Privacy

15 Dec 2011 | Security | 0 comments

Whether you're backtracking someone's phone number with for law enforcement purposes or tracing geographic trends of visitors to your site in order to glean business information, analyzing the metrics and trends of Internet use is a huge part of...

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iPhone 4.0.2 Update Fixed PDF Bug, Kills Jailbreak

12 Aug 2010 | Apple , Security , Software | 4 comments

Apple has released the iOS 4.0.2 software update for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 2nd and 3rd (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB) generation iPod Touch and the iOS 3.2.2 update for the iPad. The update only takes care...

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iPhone Hacked at CanSecWest Contest

25 Mar 2010 | Apple , Security | 0 comments

Yet another sad year for security. Yesterday at the annual Pwn2Own hacker contest at the CanSecWest security show, the iPhone together with IE8, Firefox and Safari have been hacked. To qualify for the prizes, the hackers had to exploit unknown...

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T-Mobile Says Data Breach Not Caused By Hackers

11 Jun 2009 | Security , T-Mobile | 0 comments

T-Mobile USA confirmed that the customer data that was posted on the Internet late last week belonged to the carrier, but it wasn't obtained by hacking. Last Saturday, hackers posted log files taken from T-Mobile's network to the Full Disclosure...

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Security flaw found in Google Android OS

28 Oct 2008 | Google , Security , Smartphone , Software | 4 comments

According to researchers from Independent Security Evaluators, Google's new Android mobile operating system is vulnerable to a serious security flaw found in the browser, enabling hackers to access information such as saved passwords, cookies and more. The open source operating...

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