Sanyo Katana Eclipse X launched by Sprint

4 Nov 2008 | Sanyo , Sprint | 1 comment

Sprint has launched their new phone, the new Katana Eclipse X by Sanyo, which is a middle range clamshell mobile phone. The Katana Eclipse X is almost identical to the previously released Katana Eclipse but one of the changes made...

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Sprint Nextel launches the Sanyo SCP-3100 PCS Vision phone

24 Apr 2006 | Sanyo , Sprint Nextel | 17 comments

Sprint Nextel introduced today its latest Sprint PCS Vision phone, the SCP-3100 by Sanyo. Of course, to sell better, the company decided to roll it out in four different colors: Pure Silver, Blue Energy, Always Pink and Espresso. Features include...

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Sanyo A5520SA with built-in GPS for emergencies

13 Jan 2006 | Sanyo | 0 comments

Its name might be hard to remember, buy Sanyo's A5520SA will definitely save your kids life. Featuring a loud buzzer, this cell phone can warn people around of a possible danger. And with the GPS built-in module, other people can...

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Sprint annouces Sanyo SCP-200

4 Apr 2005 | Sanyo , Sprint | 0 comments

Sanyo SCP-200 has been announced today by Sprint PCS. It has a high-quality speakerphone for open or closed hands-free operations. The battery life is rated at up to 3.25 hours of continuous digital talk time or 1.75 hours of continuous...

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Sanyo MM-5600 awarded at PMA 2005

25 Feb 2005 | Sanyo | 0 comments

The PCS Vision Multimedia Phone MM-5600, created by Sanyo received the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) Innovative Digital Product Award at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2005 Convention and Trade show in Orlando, Florida....

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