Cell Phone Cancer Study Finds No Answer

17 May 2010 | Other | 1 comment

After studying almost 13,000 cell phone users in the last 10 years, in a quest to find out whether cell phones cause brain cancer, experts are saying that their research did not give any clear answers, the results being inconclusive....

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Casio's new 8.1 megapixel mobile phone - W63CA

28 Oct 2008 | Other | 0 comments

Previous mobile phones can be called a phone with a camera but with the increase of megapixels, more and more phones are better called as a camera with a phone! Casio even joined the parade with their own phone with...

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P9522 phone from Sagem

30 Sep 2008 | Other | 0 comments

Sagem and Porsche had teamed up for the second time around and made the second version of their "Porsche-inspired" mobile phones. The Porsche P9522 phone has just been recently unveiled and it makes those Porsche fanatic's eyes water with delight!...

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Chatting on the phone before bed causes insomnia

28 Jan 2008 | Other | 0 comments

It's been some time since we had a nice useless little research. Did you know that talking on the phone before bed causes insomnia? According to a Swedish researcher cell phone radiation causes insomnia, headaches and concentration difficulties. In a...

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Paint can kill your cell phone signal

23 Jul 2006 | Other | 9 comments

It might not be as fun as a jammer, but this thing will surly keep those annoying people from talking while in a movie theater. NaturalNano's Radio-Frequency Shielding Technology can be used in paint and applied to walls. As soon...

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