Verizon Wireless to offer YouTube clips on cell phones

28 Nov 2006 | Google , Verizon Wireless | 1 comment

Verizon Wireless and YouTube have signed a deal today that will allow Verizon to deliver video clips to cell phones. This seems to be the company's attempt to boost the use of VCAST media service, because out of 20 million...

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The Google and Microsoft mobile search war

16 Nov 2006 | Google , Sprint Nextel | 0 comments

We don't exactly know is this thing is a coincidence or not, but Google and Microsoft have announced yesterday separate deals with 2 mobile phone carriers to include their search engines on handsets. While Google made a deal with 3mobile,...

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Google launches Gmail for Mobile Java app

2 Nov 2006 | Google | 3 comments

Google today launched Gmail for Mobile, a downloadable Java application that will help users speed up things while browsing Gmail on their mobile phones. In order to download Gmail for Mobile, you will need a Java-enabled handset and a data...

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Nokia's newest Internet Table to feature Google Talk

14 May 2006 | Google , Nokia | 0 comments

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nokia and Google have teamed up to integrate Google Talk into Nokia's newest version of the Internet Tablet, which will be introduced at a press conference in Stockholm on Tuesday. Last year, Nokia introduced...

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Google launches personalized home page for mobile phones

14 Jan 2006 | BlackBerry , Google , Motorola | 1 comment

Google officially announced on Thursday the launch of the Google Personalized Home page for mobile phones, which will allow users to search the web, check Gmail e-mail, news headlines, local weather or movie showtimes. You'll need to use the PC...

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