Google Maps Mobile to locate users without GPS

29 Nov 2007 | Google , Smartphone , Software | 3 comments

Google has introduced a new version of its Google Maps for Mobile (GMM) application that is able to locate users that use non-GPS equipped phones. How is that possible you ask? It's pretty easy. My Location (beta) calculates a user's...

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Android SDK released by Google

12 Nov 2007 | Google , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments

As promised last week, the Open Handset Alliance today released the new Android Mobile Platform SDK, which can run on any machines using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu Linux or other modern distros, Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later. The...

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Google unveils Android Mobile Platform, no gPhone

5 Nov 2007 | Google , Software | 0 comments

After months of rumors, Google today introduced Android, an open-source mobile operating system. That's it! There is no gPhone. Google already confirmed it a long time ago. This new mobile platform was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group...

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Google buys Jaiku, may introduce gPhone, analyst says

9 Oct 2007 | Google , Software | 1 comment

It looks like this rumor has now advanced to the stage of 'analyst prediction', which is somewhat more accurate. According to analyst Douglas Anmuth, Google may be launching a simple, low-priced phone that will be designed to run Internet apps....

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LG to provide YouTube on its phones

4 Jul 2007 | Google , LG | 0 comments

After announcing the Google Phone last month, which is nothing more than a regular phone with basic Google apps on it, LG made yet another announcement regarding a partnership with YouTube that will allow users to watch and upload videos...

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