Motorola Q approved by FCC

22 Apr 2006 | FCC , Motorola | 1 comment

It looks like Motorola Q finally got thumbs up from the FCC and it's ready to head to the United States. After keeping us in suspense countless times and changing the launch date on the Motorola Q promo page from...

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FCC approves Nokia 6125 with Macromedia Flash Player

4 Mar 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 0 comments

The Nokia 6125 we were telling you about back in January was approved today by the FCC. The quad band 6125 features a 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video recording and a dedicated camera button, Bluetooth, infrared and...

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Nokia E61 approved by FCC

2 Mar 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 1 comment

Nokia's own "Blackberry killer" was approved today by the FCC. This handset, which was announced together with the Nokia E60 and E70 was rumored to be launched around mid February by Mobilebee, but unfortunately that never happened. At least we...

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Samsung A420 coming soon ... to Sprint?

21 Feb 2006 | FCC , Samsung | 0 comments

Samsung newest entry-level, SPH-A420 clamshell recently appeared on the FCC website. Operating on CDMA 800/1900MHz and AMPS 800MHz networks, this handset features a 65.000 color STN display. Unfortunately, there is no external screen. Even though there is no Sprint logo...

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Nokia E60 business phone approved by FCC

20 Feb 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 0 comments

After having a field day last week with the approval of the Nokia 6103, 3250, N91 and E70, the FCC finally approved the Nokia E60 business phone. The Eseries were announced last October and contain the latest mobile email solutions...

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