Nokia N73 approved by the FCC

12 Jul 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 4 comments

Looks like the Nokia N73 will be heading towards the United States pretty soon. After its announcement in Berlin, back in Aprili, the FCC today approved Nokia's candybar phone. First rumors of the N73 starting making waves just a month...

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FCC approves world's slimmest slider

7 Jun 2006 | FCC , Smartphone | 3 comments

Samsung has many reasons to be happy. They are the proud creators of the world's slimmest phone, the X820 (6.9mm), announced last month and the world's slimmest slider phone, the D900 (13mm), which was approved today by the FCC. The...

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Nokia N93 approved by the FCC

15 May 2006 | FCC , Nokia , Smartphone | 6 comments

Remember Nokia's huge feature-filled smartphone announced last month? Looks like the FCC just approved it and it's going to make its way to the US. Apart from the huge size, there seem to be almost no negatives with the Nokia...

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Nokia 6126 approved by FCC

27 Apr 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 5 comments

It looks like the Nokia 6126 is heading for the US. After Nokia announced the 6126 at the opening of CTIA 2006 in April, the FCC today approved the fold-style handset, which implements the third edition of Nokia's popular Series...

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Sidekick III gets approved by the FCC

23 Apr 2006 | FCC , Rumors , T-Mobile | 5 comments

Here's yet another FCC related news, but important nonetheless. After approving the Motorola Q, FCC finally decided to approve the highly anticipated Sidekick III, which will hopefully make its debut this Summer. In the FCC photo, we can see Sharp...

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