FCC: 'Bill Shock' Hits 1 in 6 Cell Phone Users

27 May 2010 | FCC , Financial | 1 comment

According to the Federal Communications Commission, one in every six cell phone users (about 30 million Americans), have experienced "bill shock", an unexpected and drastic increase in their monthly cell phone bills related to a change in service they didn't...

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HTC Evo 4G Approved by FCC

11 May 2010 | 4G , Android , FCC , HTC , Smartphone | 0 comments

Looks like the June 6 launch date that was rumored last month, is getting more and more believable. The FCC has approved the HTC Evo 4G this week, which will be heading to Sprint and will operate on their blazing...

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Apple iPhone 3GS Approved By FCC

9 Jun 2009 | Apple , FCC | 0 comments

Unlike other handset manufacturers who wait for the FCC clearance before attempting to officially announce a new phone, Apple decides to make their announcements right before FCC documents go live. Pretty strange how in sync the FCC is with Apple's...

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Samsung i7500 Android-based Smartphone Approved by FCC

16 May 2009 | FCC , Google , Samsung , Smartphone | 2 comments

Looks like Samsung's i7500 Android OS based smartphone has passed the FCC test and is getting ready to be shipped in the States. Samsung has already announced this device back in April and no new features have surfaced. To recap,...

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iDEN Motorola i9 with ModeShift shows up on FCC site

23 Oct 2008 | FCC , Motorola | 3 comments

The FCC has just released the images and details of the new Motorola i9. It's an iDEN phone that looks like the Motorola RAZR2 V9. The Motorola i9 has an internal antenna, a QVGA external touchscreen display as well as...

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