Will Asus soon compete with Samsung's Omnia phones?

15 Sep 2008 | Concepts | 0 comments

Samsung's Omnia mobile phone had been introduced months ago and became a good competitor of the iPhone. iPhone's introduction made a phenomenal impact into the mobile world and the result of its release is great! Now, more and more mobile...

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Fujitsu four-way slider concept video

25 Nov 2006 | Concepts | 3 comments

Back in April 2006, we were telling you about Fujitsu's concept involving a four-way slider phone. The concept was first shown off in Milan at the Triennale di Milano as part of a Japanese Design exhibition. Now, T3 got its...

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Leaked sketch of Samsung's 9 megapixel wonder phone

5 May 2006 | Concepts , Rumors , Samsung | 5 comments

Apparently, Samsung is getting ready to create a so-called wonder phone. The leaked sketch shows a really cool design, a slider phone on one side and a digital camera on the other. The sketch also contains a full list of...

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Apple iPhone Conceptual Ad

1 May 2006 | Apple , Concepts | 0 comments

Remember about two months ago, when inside sources over at BenQ were saying that some Apple executives have been talking to a few Taiwanese phone makers in an effort to cut a deal on manufacturing an iPod Phone? Well, it...

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Fujitsu shows off four-way slider concept

4 Apr 2006 | Concepts | 0 comments

Looks like Fujitsu is in Milan this week at the Triennale di Milano as part of a Japanese Design exhibition, where they're showing off their latest concept. It's all about a multi-slider mobile phone, which features a virtual keypad allowing...

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