Coming soon: the iPhone Black?

12 May 2008 | Apple , Rumors , att | 1 comment

Looks like AT&T spilled the beans about an upcoming iPhone model right on their website. The 'iPhone Black' option shows up if a customer who is logged in the AT&T site chooses to select or update their handset model. Interestingly...

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LG Voyager coming to Sprint and AT&T?

15 Apr 2008 | LG , Rumors , Smartphone , Sprint Nextel , att | 10 comments

We don't know whether or not this is true, but according to Electronic Times, a South Korean online newspaper, an anonymous LG spokesperson has confirmed that the company will be bringing the LG Voyager touchscreen phone to Sprint and AT&T....

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Pink Sony Ericsson W580i available from AT&T

28 Jan 2008 | Sony Ericsson , att | 8 comments

Just in time for Valentine's Day, AT&T and Sony Ericsson have announced a new girly version of the W580i Walkman phone. AT&T first introduced this device back in October. Let's recap the features really quick: 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x...

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Apple and AT&T sued over iPhone patent infringement

3 Dec 2007 | Apple , att | 0 comments

Apple and AT&T were sued today by Klausner Technologies over the iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature, which allows users to listen to their messages in the order of their choice. According to the firm, AT&T and Apple infringe two patents created...

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AT&T CEO on 3G iPhone: 'You'll have it next year'

29 Nov 2007 | Apple , att | 2 comments

According to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Apple will introduce the 3G version of the iPhone next year. Steve Jobs already confirmed this in September, when Apple announced the UK iPhone, which was expected to be 3G. When asked about it,...

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