The Gaming Club offers HTML5 for Apple Users

8 Aug 2012 | Android , Apple , Smartphone | 0 comments


Gaming Club has long been known for its commitment to serving their customers. They have made the move into offering mobile casino services for their mobile customers. In order for this service to be functional, an interface has to be developed to permit mobile users to access the mobile site. In the past this was done by using Adobe Flash. However, this is no longer the case. Apple made the announcement in 2010 that they would no longer provide support for Adobe Flash. However, they did provide HTML5 as a suitable replacement.

While this announcement was rather unpopular with software developers, the Gaming Club stayed out of the mudslinging that ensued. They instead focused their efforts on keeping their Apple customers happy and connected with their mobile casino. Actually, the Gaming Club already had created a version of its mobile software using the now supported and preferred HTML5.

The majority of the Gaming Club's customers are Android users. Even though this move by Apple affected a minority of customers, the Gaming Club went ahead with plans and released the HTML5 version of the mobile casino for Apple users. With the new software, the mobile users could easily access both the iPad casino and the iPhone casino.

Some software developers scoffed at having to have a special version of their software for Apple users while offering Adobe Flash for their Android customers. The Gaming Club never blinked an eye at providing what their customers needed. In fact, customers were never affected with this smooth transition over to the new HTML5 powered casino.

Current Android users continue to access Adobe Flash through the downloading of Adobe Air at the Gaming Club site. Even though Apple customers account for 20% of the revenue of the mobile casino site, Gaming Club feels all customers are important and should be considered.