Apple's Upcoming iOS 5 Update

23 Sep 2011 | Apple , Software | 0 comments


ios 5 logoApple redefined smartphones when the first iPhone and the iOS platform arrived back in 2007. In the intervening years it has updated the software multiple times and will soon make iOS 5 available in tandem with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Perhaps the best news about iOS 5 is that it will be backwards compatible not only with the iPhone 4 but with the iPhone 3GS which is now more than 2 years old. This means once it arrives it will not only be accessible to those who splash out on Apple`s latest handsets but to loyal customers who have stuck with their existing iPhone for several years.

The second vital component of iOS 5 is that it will not require a dedicated cable connection to your PC or Mac for synchronisation and updates. A by-product of this is that it will be necessary for Apple to create smaller updates with increased regularity rather than saving major changes for one large download which in the past necessitated connecting the iPhone to your computer.

The iOS 5 PC-free ethos is facilitated via the new iCloud service which will be accessible to anyone who has an existing Apple ID. This cloud-based service will remotely store your apps, music, calendar and everything else so that the information and media is consistent across every device that you own, provided it is either made by Apple or is compatible with Apple software.

Apple is taking on rivals like BlackBerry with the new iMessage service which will be exclusive to iOS 5. This is an instant messaging program which allows anyone with an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac to chat in real time rather than relying on text message-based back and forth conversations. Using either Wi-Fi or 3G it will not be an original idea given the prevalence of such services on computers and other mobiles but for the large iPhone user base it will become a vital, cohesive feature.

Social media fans will be pleased to hear about the deep Twitter integration which is promised for iOS 5. This will not only make it easier to send and receive tweets but it will also allow other apps to access your Twitter account without any complex setup procedure, which is convenient if you want to share info with ease.

One of the simplest features, but one which could become the most frequently used, is the addition of a camera button to the iOS 5 lock screen. This will allow users of the Apple iPhone to kickstart the camera app as soon as they unlock their phone, making on-the-fly photography possible with no delays. You need never miss an important moment while fiddling with the home screen to find the camera app.