Verizon to Deliver Over-the-Air iOS Updates to iPhone

5 May 2011 | Apple , Rumors , Software , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments


After years of updating iOS devices using iTunes via USB, Apple is now planning on providing over-the-air iOS updates, something that Google Android based smartphones have been doing for a while now.

According to multiple sources, the new feature will make its debut this fall, after the launch of iOS 5, meaning that the newest iOS version will not come over-the-air. The sources also indicate that Apple and Verizon have been in talks over this subject since early 2011. They could not confirm whether or not there are other carriers involved.

Also, there are other concerns to consider. Apple releases full OS downloads whenever you update your iPhone, so they'll need to come up with a way to only release incremental patches. No carrier will push 600MB updates over the air. The other problem is that in case of a failed update, the iPhone won't be able to restore itself from a backup, so Apple will need to come up with a cloud-based backup system.