Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Reaches 9000 Apps

2 Mar 2011 | Microsoft , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments


windows phone 7It hasn't been long since Windows Phone 7 reached the 8000 app mark a couple of weeks ago. If the trend continues, Microsoft's app store should have 10,000 in about two weeks.

There are currently 9073 apps in the WP7 Marketplace, with 844 added in the last two weeks. Out of all the apps, 2785 are free, 2778 are trial and 3510 are paid applications. Another interesting stat is that the Games, Tools and Entertainment categories make up 50% of the total apps. Games is leading the chart with 24% followed by Tools and Entertainment with 14% and 12%, respectively.

With the Nokia Windows Phones coming out next year, we should continue seeing more and more apps pop-up in the months to come.