AT&T Drops LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Prices to $100

4 Jan 2011 | Microsoft , Smartphone , att | 3 comments


Not long after being launched, AT&T decided to drop the price of their brand new Windows Phone 7 smartphones to $99.99 with a 2-year contract.

The LG Quantum comes with a slide-out keyboard, 5.0 megapixel camera, Microsoft Office Mobile and DLNA technology, allowing users to wirelessly stream media files from the phone to a DLNA-enabled TV, stereo, Windows 7 PC and other consumer devices.

Measuring only 9.9 mm thin, the Samsung Focus is the carrier's thinnest Windows Phone, featuring a 4-inch super-AMOLED screen, Xbox Live and a built-in Zune player.

The LG Quantum and the Samsung Focus were introduced last October with the initial price tag of $199.99. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come with CES 2011 just around the corner. We'll most likely see new hardware being introduced this week, so stay tuned.

lg quantum samsung focus


by Chaz on Jan 4, 2011

$200 was way too expensive and now I just might wait for something better to come out.

by mnkelsner on Jan 5, 2011

Got 2 LG Quantum phones for $125 when I switched from Centennial...

OS is pretty well organized with TILES and seems fast ( a few inconnsistancies in control)
Phone seems ok (flash disappointing)
Keyboard is nice buttons on outside of phone not so much

Pretty dissapointed in Windows 7 so far, to many MS imposed limits.

No custom Ringtons they are locked
No sd slot
No USB mass Storage support
No Bluetooth File Xfers
No OS wide File management
Bing is everywhere but cant search installed apps

by LOS on Jan 5, 2011

Y would you use bing to look for apps when the marketplace clearly has a great searching option. And the sd slot is located right next to the sim card slot. Stop looking for things to be wrong with the phone b/c its a great phone and its worth every last penny! btw u have zune for ringtones.