Adobe AIR 2.5 for iOS, Android and BlackBerry Announced

25 Oct 2010 | Smartphone , Software | 1 comment


adobe air 2.5Today at Adobe Max, the company's worldwide developer conference, Adobe announced the launch of AIR 2.5, the famous cross-platform runtime environment that works on everything from Mac OS, Windows to mobile operating systems.

The new Adobe AIR 2.5 will allow developers to use their existing Flash, Flash Builder, and Flex tools to create apps for every platform. The move to migrate AIR to mobile devices and tables comes after Apple ridiculed the performance of Adobe Flash earlier this year, saying that Flash videos drain a mobile device's battery as it still decodes video in software rather than hardware.

AIR 2.5 supports multi-touch, accelerometer, finger gestures, camera, video and Geo location services. It has also developed support for its applications across a variety of hardware and processor configuration.

Adobe said that AIR 2.5 will come pre-installed in a number of devices developed by Acer, HTC, Motorola, RIM and Samsung later this year and in early 2011.

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by Zawa on Jan 20, 2011

Wow, it is a big movement of Adobe AIR to running on mobile device and other platforms...