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HP Announces Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.0 Smartphone

20 Oct 2010 | HP , Palm , Smartphone | 1 comment


HP has announced this week a new smartphone to go along with the newly introduced webOS 2.0 operating system.

The Palm Pre 2 is the first webOS device to feature a 1GHz processor. It has a slide-out keyboard similar to the one found on the original Pre and it will offer users a 3.1-inch HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) glass touchscreen display, a 5.0 megapixel camera with extended depth of field, LED flash, geo-tagging and video recording. Storage-wise, the Pre 2 is equipped with 16GB of internal memory, with no microSD card slot.

Other features include 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth 2.1 EDR with A2DP, built-in GPS, Microsoft Exchange email and Direct Push. HP is launching the Palm Pre 2 in France on Friday, and on Verizon Wireless in the coming months.

hp palm pre 2 verizon

~ 1 comment ~

by The Dark Lord on Oct 21, 2010

Ha ha ha ha ... LOL .... roar .... everybody is talking about Windows phone 7 is not going to make it .... what makes you think these idiots are going to ... ha ha ha ... they really bringing out another failure palm Pre ..... ha ha ha ... lol ... I am on the floor ...

They couldn't have started with anything more stupid ... who will buy another PRE? ha ha ha ... lol ... They are already far behind ... they need some real hardware and a real device ... ha ha ha ... lol .... and all they got is yet another palm pre .... I cannot stop laughing ... PALM/HP, definitely out ...
I hope nobody is going to support these stupid idiots and buy this device ...