Sony Ericsson Announces LiveView Bluetooth Micro Display

28 Sep 2010 | Android , Sony Ericsson | 0 comments


Sony Ericsson today announced LiveView, a Bluetooth micro display that can be paired up to a compatible handset and allows users to control the phone without taking it out of their pocket.

As shown below, the device lets you read messages, see incoming calls, it forwards Facebook and Twitter updates and it allows you to control the phone's music features, like selecting tracks and controlling volume. It can also serve as a calendar reminder, as it displays upcoming events.

The LiveView device can be attached in a watch strap, keychain or clipped to your laptop or jacket.

Mikael Henriksson, head of creation and offering planning at Sony Ericsson Extras, said: "The Sony Ericsson LiveView is the first Sony Ericsson accessory to be compatible with the open Android platform which gives developers an opportunity to be creative and develop the next must-have innovative application."

Sony Ericsson also developed the LiveWare Manager application, which scans the Android Market for LiveView enabled apps.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView will be available in stores from the fourth quarter of 2010.

sony ericsson liveview display