Lead webOS UI Developer Hired by Google

28 May 2010 | Android , Google , Palm | 0 comments


palm-matias-duarte.jpgMatias Duarte, former Palm lead user interface designer, who helped develop the webOS UI, is leaving Palm. This news comes just weeks after Hewlett-Packard announced plans to buy the phone maker, which has been struggling in recent years.

Always one step ahead of the competition, Google didn't miss the chance the snatch Duarte, who they thought will help improve the Android UI, which hasn't yet been able to achieve the performance of the iPhone.

Back in April, HP announced that it will be acquiring Palm for $1.2 billion and that it would use Palm's webOS to power their future tablet computers. This is a huge loss for HP, who will have to find somebody else to replace Duarte.

His job at Google won't be an easy task. Android currently powers about 60 devices, including smartphone, tablets and starting this fall, Google TV, the company's effort to combine television with the web.

Before working at Palm, Duarte had a job at Helio, a mobile virtual network operator, and at Danger. As a reminder, all the companies he worked at either got bought out or went out of business.