Skype 2.0 for iPhone to Charge Monthly Fee

31 May 2010 | Apple , Software | 0 comments

The Skype 2.0 application for the iPhone has finally been launched, but nobody's cheering. The new version of Skype finally allows iPhone users to make calls using their 3G connections, instead of limiting the calls to Wi-Fi only. This decision...

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40% of iPhones Owned by Business Users

28 May 2010 | Apple , Financial , RIM | 0 comments

AT&T yesterday said that 4 out of 10 iPhones sold this year went to business customers, meaning that the iPhone is slowly grabing the market share from Research in Motion, the BlackBerry maker, which currently dominates the business market. Business...

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Lead webOS UI Developer Hired by Google

28 May 2010 | Android , Google , Palm | 0 comments

Matias Duarte, former Palm lead user interface designer, who helped develop the webOS UI, is leaving Palm. This news comes just weeks after Hewlett-Packard announced plans to buy the phone maker, which has been struggling in recent years. Always one...

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T-Mobile USA Launches White BlackBerry Bold 9700

27 May 2010 | BlackBerry , Smartphone , T-Mobile | 0 comments

Good news for everyone who was waiting for a white BlackBerry Bold 9700. Research in Motion is finally painting this classic smartphone. Unfortunately, a paint job is all the Bold 9700 will be getting. Internal features will remain the same:...

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