Verizon Mobile App Store Opens March 29

25 Mar 2010 | Smartphone , Software , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments


v cast apps storeEight months after the announcement, Verizon Wireless, the biggest US mobile carrier, is opening its own mobile app store on March 29.

Called V Cast Apps, the store will make its debut with about 300 applications, with thousands more to come in the near future. This all sounds great, but Verizon is pretty late to the game. Apple already launched its App Store in July 2008, followed by Google, Nokia, Microsoft and RIM. Apple also has the most applications in its catalog, offering more than 150,000 apps.

Verizon is giving developers 70% of sales and lets them set the price for their apps. The company wants the store to be complementary to other partner stores, so if an app is launched on RIM's App World, it will quickly be distributed on the V Cast Apps store as well.

Verizon also promised that most apps will be pending approval for no more than 14 days.