AT&T to Sell an Energy Efficient Charger

18 Mar 2010 | Accessories , att | 0 comments


att energy efficient zero chargerAT&T is getting ready to go green this Spring with the introduction of a new energy efficient cell phone charger that eliminates the 'phantom electricity usage' while in standby.

It's called the Zero Charger and it automatically cuts the power supply from the wall socket when a handset is not plugged into it. Other devices that are plugged in at all times, such as TVs, computers or home appliances draw power even if they are not turned on. Estimates say that 'vampire draw' makes up about 20% of energy usage in the United States.

The Zero Charger has a five-star efficiency rating and it works with many phones from AT&T and other carriers. It is expected to start shipping this May for $29.99.