40% of BlackBerry Users Would Switch to iPhone

17 Mar 2010 | Android , Apple , BlackBerry , RIM , Smartphone | 10 comments


According to a recent study by Crowd Science, four out of ten BlackBerry users would be willing to switch to an iPhone. Google's Nexus One is a close second in the charts, which shows that a third of the polled BlackBerry users would get an Android-based smartphone.

The study also shows that 33% of iPhone owners are using their handsets exclusively for "personal use", while only 16% of BlackBerry owners can say the same thing. 1% of iPhone owners use them exclusively for business, compared to BlackBerry's 7%. Finally, 66% of iPhone owners and 77% of BlackBerry owners use their device for both personal and work.

The BlackBerry is famous for its physical QWERTY keyboard, which the neither of the two touchscreen devices have. Is this the reason why so many people would make the switch? Would BlackBerry users sacrifice the keyboard for a bigger screen? If you're a BlackBerry owner, let us know what you think.

iphone vs blackberry


by RJC on Mar 17, 2010

I switched from a BB Tour to the iPhone 3GS three months ago and have NOT looked back once. Starting with the faulty trackball on the BB and ending with the lagging response from Verizon's slow 3G network (with many other hiccups in between), I am glad to be finished with BB's many problems. The iPhone runs flawlessly...a result of perfection over the past two years. BB continues in trying to crank out new product after new product when they should really be trying to refine and perfect the tens of hundreds of models of their so-called "smartphones" that they've already released.

Of course, I shouldn't even mention the app comparison between the two. From the amount of available apps, to the ease of access to the apps, Apple trumps BB once again.

Many more pro's, but not time to write.

iPhone all the way...

by Lord Loverocket on Mar 17, 2010

I switched from a BB Bold to an iPhone 3GS and am shocked how poor it is. If you like getting all the goss on X-Factor or booking nail appointments, it's great.
If you're a businessman, less so.
It's a housewife's phone. Simple as.

by Kevin on Mar 17, 2010

I am eagerly waiting for my switch to the iPhone. I would have never though of switching because I was really skeptical about the whole touchscreen thing. I am really fond of the BB keyboard. When I finally got around to actually using an iPhone I was really surprised by its responsiveness. It didn't feel clunky at all. Everything was so ... fluid. You have to use before you can make up your mind.

by nate on Mar 17, 2010

Blackberry's Internet Browser is more than enough reason to make the switch to iPhone or Android. RIM took way too long in bringing their browser up to speed (err... still waiting on webkit).

by CFH on Mar 18, 2010

I was an iPhone user for 10 months before switching to a Blackberry. Made the move primarily because of the carrier, not the phone. Too many dropped calls and the iPhone really isn't a very good phone. Yes, the apps are great, but after awhile you really only use a handful. The Blackberry has all the apps I really need. I love a physical keyboard. The BB is just a ballistic email machine and is geared toward content creators. The iPhone is for content consumers and is OK as an email device, but can't touch the BB. Someday I may switch back, but not until the iPhone is on another network.

by Troy on Mar 19, 2010

Its comical to see how much print this bogus survey is getting.

-It was a web based poll
-Out of the 1500 people who took part roughly 140 of them owned a blackberry.
-Despite blackberries having double the market share of Iphones the Iphone had twice as many respondents.
-Owners of Iphones and Android phones were given the option of choosing their present phone
-Blackberry owners weren't given the option of choosing a Blackberry

Typical of shoddy journos and blogs.

This is as bad as when Apple sold 4 million units in a quarter and the headlines screamed that they were taking over the market. RIM would sell 8+ million during the same quarter but the headlines would say they were in trouble because of the Iphone.

Up is down, Down is up lol

I guess I should be thankful there are so many retards in this world. Due to them, I've doubled my money in Rim during the last year.

Oh how it must suck to go through life being as dumb as the average person.

by Ahmad on Mar 21, 2010

The bb sucks i used it for a year and wished i never heard of it but when i got the iphone 3gs i loved it i was able to download any important app like campass or video (even though it had but u can get more than one) or games like call of duty and other really fun and entertaning games so the iphone is much better then the bb plus the iphone has a bigger screen and easier to use cause it is at the touch of your fingers, everything, the web apps email and much much more while the bb barely has anything

by edison on Jul 12, 2010

oh god.
when it comes down to it, the iphone is just a toy
you people are dumb and decide to pay for a phone
that is everything BUT a phone. iphones suck when it comes to
what their purpose actually it. is SUpposed to be a PHONE
think about that. you guys are being fooled into getting the world's
wrost phone by only thinking abouit how big the screen is or all the apps it has. grow up....get a blackberry. blackberry serves its purpose as a phone and i great for emails....these things are all you NEED. if you put what entertains you over what you need you are an idiot.

by Simron on Sep 29, 2010

oh. god that thing is SEXXYY.

Kimone's getting that phone oh yeah you
bloody bastards. suck on it.

by Juju on Oct 23, 2010

I love iPhone :). It's the best ever.