Barnes & Noble to Launch iPad eBook Reader App

12 Mar 2010 | Apple , Software | 0 comments


Barnes & Noble announced plans to release and e-reader application for the iPad, which will most likely compete with Apple's iBookstore app.

The bookseller already has an iPhone application, released last July, and now offers more than 1 million books. They are planning to launch an iPad version app when the device will start shipping next month.

It is not yet clear if Apple will allow Barnes & Noble to launch this app on the iPad, seeing that Apple already has the iBookstore built-in the iPad.

Amazon also released its own Kindle application for the iPhone last year, but has not yet announced plans to build and iPad-specific app.

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have their own ebook readers, the Kindle and Nook. According to a study, consumer interest in the Kindle dropped after the announcement of the iPad, which features a color LCD.

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