4G iPhone To End AT&T Exclusivity?

30 Mar 2010 | Apple , Rumors , att | 1 comment

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple is getting ready to launch a new iPhone that will most likely end AT&T's exclusivity over the device. Apple's fourth-generation iPhone is expected to be CDMA-enabled, which could be the main reason...

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Vodafone UK Opens HTC Legend Pre-Order

30 Mar 2010 | Android , HTC , Smartphone , Vodafone | 0 comments

Starting today, Vodafone UK customers can pre-order the highly expected HTC Lengend Android smartphone, which will be launching next month exclusively on Vodafone. The HTC Legend handset will not lack the Vodafone crapware, so it will come built-in with Vodafone...

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iPhone Hacked at CanSecWest Contest

25 Mar 2010 | Apple , Security | 0 comments

Yet another sad year for security. Yesterday at the annual Pwn2Own hacker contest at the CanSecWest security show, the iPhone together with IE8, Firefox and Safari have been hacked. To qualify for the prizes, the hackers had to exploit unknown...

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Verizon Mobile App Store Opens March 29

25 Mar 2010 | Smartphone , Software , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments

Eight months after the announcement, Verizon Wireless, the biggest US mobile carrier, is opening its own mobile app store on March 29. Called V Cast Apps, the store will make its debut with about 300 applications, with thousands more to...

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