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25 Feb 2010 | Smartphone , Software | 1 comment


Distimo, a Dutch app store analytics firm, recently released some interesting information about the six largest mobile app stores. These include the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

They analyzed just about everything including store size, growth, the most popular applications and where you can find the best deal. The slideshow they released includes highlights from their presentation.

Store Sizes

No surprise here. Apple is leading with a total number of 150,998 applications. At a very distant second is Android with 19,897 followed by Ovi with 6,118 apps, Blackberry with 4,756, Palm with 1,492 and Windows taking last place with 693 applications.

Apple is also the fastest growing app store with a whopping 13,865 new applications added each month. Android is second with an impressive 3,005 apps per month.

app store size

Free Vs. Paid

Distimo also analyzed which store had the highest number of free apps. Thanks to its open source status, the Android Market gets first place in this category with 57% free apps. Palm store is second with 32%, Apple third at 25%, followed by Blackberry App World at 24%, Windows Marketplace at 22% and Nokia Ovi Store at just 15%.

app store free vs paid

Average Price of Paid Apps

Another interesting piece of information had to do with the prices for the paid applications. Android, Apple, Ovi and Palm had about the same prices, ranging from an average of $2.53 to $3.62 per app.

However, BlackBerry App World and Windows Marketplace application prices were twice as high, with $8.26 for RIM and $6.99 for Microsoft. The difference doesn't have to do with the quality of apps, but maybe with the type of users each company has. BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users are more business oriented, so maybe that's the reason they can charge more.

app store average price

You can check out the full slideshow here.

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by James Katt on Feb 26, 2010

Isn't the Apple App Store FANTASTIC?


It is the place to be if one wants to make money creating apps.

The fact that 75% of apps are paid apps shows how great an interest there is in creating Apps for Apple.

Everyone else is biting dust.