Firefox Mobile for Nokia N900 Smartphone Launched

1 Feb 2010 | Nokia , Smartphone , Software | 1 comment


firefox mobile n900Mozilla has just launched the mobile version of the popular Firefox browser for Nokia N900 smartphone owners. The application will run on Nokia's Maemo operating system.

Firefox Mobile will also have an add-on for watching Youtube videos, as Adobe Flash support was removed by at the last minute because of performance issues.

Some of the features included in Firefox for mobile: Awesome Bar, Weave Sync, Add-ons, Location-Aware Browsing, Tabbed browsing and Safe Browsing.

Mozilla is also working to bring out versions for devices running Windows Mobile and Android. The company has announced they have no plans to build an iPhone compatible version of the browser due to constraints with the OS environment and distribution.

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by antho on Feb 19, 2010

and what about symbian version?