Zune Software Update Hints to Zune Phone

27 Jan 2010 | Microsoft , Rumors , Smartphone | 1 comment


This is not the first time we're hearing rumors regarding a Zune Phone, but the information is stacking up and we think Microsoft is getting ready for something big at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Today's rumor involves the Zune software update. While attepmting to update his device, blogger Long Zheng noticed something interesting in one of the .inf files located in the update.

Beside the old "Zune.Device." identifier, the file containes a "Phone.Device." identifier. Check out the lines below:

; Localizable strings
Msft = "Microsoft"
Zune.DeviceDesc = "Zune"
Phone.DeviceDesc = "Phone"

Zune.DeviceDesc = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB VID_045E&PID_0710
Phone.DeviceDesc = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB VID_045E&PID_0640
Phone.DeviceDesc = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB VID_045E&PID_0641

This is a clear evidence that Microsoft is getting ready to either launch a Zune Phone or a system-wide Zune integration into Windows Mobile 7. Either way, we're getting something next month.

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by Kevin on Jan 27, 2010

I think we have better chances of getting Windows Mobile 7 with Zune integration rather than a Zune Phone. Microsoft need to get their software working properly before they start building phones!