CES 2010 - AT&T to Sell Android OS Smartphones

7 Jan 2010 | Android , CES , Smartphone , att | 0 comments


dell mini 3i androidFollowing up on last year's Wall Street Journal report, last night at CES 2010, AT&T announced plans to sell Android powered smartphones by the second half of this year, including the Dell Mini 3i. The carrier also said that it's expecting to sell five new devices from manufacturers that include Motorola and HTC.

This announcement makes AT&T the last major wireless carrier in the US to add an Android smartphones to its portfolio.

"AT&T needs another leg to stand on beyond the iPhone, which has been this pillar of strength for the company," said Roger Entner, Nielsen telecommunications analyst.

Recently, iPhone customers have been criticizing the carrier for delayed text and voice messages and slow download speeds. It will be interesting to see how they react to these problems, considering that Android users will also use up a lot of network resources.