No Upcoming Zune Phone, says Microsoft

29 Jan 2010 | Microsoft , Rumors , Smartphone | 0 comments

Earlier this week, a blogger found some interesting information that was hinting to a possible Zune Phone, but according to a Microsoft spokesperson, the company has "no plans to create a Zune phone". Regarding the other rumor, a possible Zune...

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Apple Allows iPhone VoIP Calls Over 3G Networks

29 Jan 2010 | Apple | 0 comments

Apple is now allowing iPhone users to make Internet-based phone calls over cellular networks. VoIP calling has been available on the iPhone for some time now, but only worked over Wi-Fi connections, limiting the range where you can make such...

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Apple Unveils the iPad Tablet

27 Jan 2010 | Apple | 12 comments

Not a big surprise here and kind of a letdown really. After months and months of speculation, Apple today unveiled their newest creation, the Apple iPad tablet computer. Features It's pretty much a giant iPhone with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy...

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Zune Software Update Hints to Zune Phone

27 Jan 2010 | Microsoft , Rumors , Smartphone | 1 comment

This is not the first time we're hearing rumors regarding a Zune Phone, but the information is stacking up and we think Microsoft is getting ready for something big at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Today's rumor involves...

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Google Voice Web App for iPhone, webOS Launched

27 Jan 2010 | Google , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments

While Apple is still thinking whether to approve Google's Voice app or not, the Android maker decided to make a web app version of the service using html5. The application works on the iPhone as well as Palm's two webOS...

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