Verizon's Stealth Motorola DROID Ad Leaked

4 Nov 2009 | Motorola , Smartphone , Verizon Wireless | 10 comments


Verizon's latest Motorola DROID ad has been leaked on YouTube, which is expected to air on TV this week. In related news, Verizon Wireless is expecting huge lines on Friday (November 6), so it will be opening more than 2,000 stores early. The company will host demonstrations at select locations to help customers get the most from their new DROID by Motorola devices.

The Motorola DROID is the first device to run Android 2.0 and will be available starting Nov. 6 for $199.99 with a 2-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. Check out the ad below:

motorola droid verizon


by docdl on Nov 4, 2009

Leak?? I saw this ad on TV last night. That was Nov. 3 and this post is dated Nov. 4. Hmmm....

by jon on Nov 4, 2009

gotta say, I like the ad, but i don't see this phone outperform the iphone any time soon.. why is this one more special than every other clone out there?

by bloatarola on Nov 4, 2009

What? You showing disrespect for Motorola?

How arrogant of you...we boycott your chickens and sell our superior 'People's tires to Canada and Mexico!

by Joe on Nov 4, 2009

Droid may not be the iPhone killer just yet but at least it is a good competitor. I think the iPhone has seen it's last days as the phone that corners the market. If it wants to stay as "THE" phone, then it will need to make some changes before everyone else catches it and passes it.

by JD on Nov 4, 2009

Yeah, like everybody caught up to and passed the iPOD.
The battle is begun - wait for the $50 touch screen phone.

by DP on Nov 4, 2009

Hey JD,

iPod and iPhone
Apples and Oranges

You can't draw that parallel. iPhone is a cell phone. iPod isn't. That's like saying that Windows is the dominant OS on the planet. Therefore all other devices and/or software that come out of Redmond will dominate the landscape. We all know that isn't true now don't we.

by an on Nov 4, 2009

Please DROID, come to Canada.

I like the iPhone, but I need to get a freaking MAC to write any APP for it. Finally, all these incompetent companies (Motorola, Sony) are figuring out what make iPhone so successful (APP, Screen size, and touch). Droid and Sony X10 used Android 2.0, that I can finally can write APP and a screen size that I like. It maybe a late, but better be late than lose it all together.

by Norbert on Nov 4, 2009

There are over 100k apps on the iPhone at the moment, so you missed that boat, anyway.

by Kurt on Nov 4, 2009

I have an iphone and would not trade it for anything in the world because I AM HAPPY. But I have to admit the Droid sounds like a very intelligent alternative to the iphone,Pre and Mytouch. This phone has potential to create it's own masses (such as we iphone loyalist).
To me that's a win win situation for everyone. This phone will force Apple to up the bar by the time my contract ends and come out with a beast. With that being said I am rooting for this phone and congradulating Verizon on one hell of a device. Come on guy and girls, stop being in denial. GPS? Turn by turn that interfaces with voice commands?? Are you seriously gonna act like that isn't huge?? That would have saved me $380 dollars (Garmin T765 Nuvi). Stop bashing other peoples choices and be at ease in the notion of more than one excellent choice for everyone depending on the individual. Verizon with its almighty network doesn't work in my basement. AT&T does, and does it well. I love what I'm hearing about this phone and hopefully it can put pressure on Apple to get in bed with Adobe so we can get flash... Now that would make the Droid a Godsend for us iphoners.

by Pierre on Dec 5, 2009

Here is a parody of Motorola's ad:
Hang Up On Motorola - Drop the Droid