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AT&T sues Verizon Over 3G Map Ads

4 Nov 2009 | Apple , Verizon Wireless , att | 19 comments


Remember the ads Verizon was running a few weeks ago, which made fun of both the iPhone and AT&T's coverage? It looks like AT&T is now suing Verizon Wireless because of the misleading coverage maps that Verizon posted, which according AT&T, is making them lose "incalculable market share".

AT&T is asking for a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction to stop the ads. The company requests an immediate hearing and said AT&T has "suffered and continues to suffer irreparable harm" as a result of the ads.

According to the lawsuit the ad campaign shows maps with white spaces that could make users think that AT&T has no coverage outside of areas where it offers 3G. Does AT&T really think people are that dumb? The maps are clearly labeled as "3G Coverage" and the ad stated that voice and data services are available outside 3G areas.

verizon att 3g coverage


by haha on Nov 4, 2009

aww, poor at&t! i think this lawsuit is going to make even more harm.

by lmao on Nov 4, 2009

I agree.... at&t has been grreat for me the past 5 years and i have no complaints.... verizon just hit way below the belt and that DROID commercial isnt helping with all the iDont do's

by John on Nov 4, 2009

I think Verizon is a tad bit too jealous here. They probably wanted the iPhone are now bashing it because they know that the Droid will never deliver!

by icky stuff on Nov 4, 2009

Sore loosers.

Actually, Apple has offered Verizon the iPhone first but they turned it down.

by Droiddude on Nov 9, 2009

@John "the droid will never deliver"

Do you even know what android is like to use?? What it does?

Soon, People will forget what its like to use a phone with one button.. just like they forgot what its like to have to use a stylus to make a phone call..

iphone users are blindly following one model of phone like its going to remain king..

1 Model of Iphone.. or hundreds of models running android mobile platform.. I Guess PC is just better at math.. Its over really.. It was over months ago.. The weaker ones are already falling.. (palm.. and blackberry is starting its decline) Iphone is next.. its going to take many more models and apple fanboys with money for the iphone usage to stay ahead of android next year.. So talk while you can.. But android delivers! more than the itard can already..

My tracks, multitasking, latitude, widgets, hard keyboad, background task, open development (gvoice, opera, ..apps that compete with crapple apps), multiple handset options and configuations, 10,000+ Apps and growing... Iphone users surly do not believe that that functionality is important.. simply because the iphone dosen't support it.

I cant wait untill next year for all these itards to stfu..

by HTCDream on Nov 9, 2009

It will be nice once palm realizes that their phone isnt going to sell. Then we wont have to see all those commercials featuring that alien chick..

Palm.. The multitasking phone with 25 apps.. For aliens..

As for AT&T.. the only reason they have market share today is because of the IPHONE.. They were the only telecom company at the time so hard up to sign up with apple.. All the other companies were turning the apple dictatorship down at that time..

all this apple stuff will dry up like a used condom... just like 20 years ago.. Because the company wants to own everything use.. still..

Relax, its just reality..

by Kyle on Dec 20, 2009

this map is proble correct it is the 3G coverage map and anyone that doesn't have an Iphone on at&t doesn't get signal any were outside of a major city. and at&t did a low blow too with the falling Verizon map, that commercial is exactly what at&t is suing Verizon for.

im on Verizon, and i don't have the droid. i have the blackberry tour and my phone is 10 times faster then any of my friends Iphones in or outside of the city, especially in the woods, on rivers, in most stores at&t wont work. but i guess most people with the Iphone have stunted there evolution, so they dont know how to go outside and have a good time with a network that is right there behind them.

by Pelican33 on Dec 20, 2009

The iphone would be a great device... if it was on Verizon's network. Its a fantastic iTouch on AT&T's network. BTW, the suit this story refers to was thrown out of court because the maps are accurate... classic. AT&T has been misleading with their recent adds. How do you compare voice and 3G and say you've got great coverage? Amazing.

For my money, Verizon is the only way to go. When Apple eases up with its control over the iPhone and the contract is up, you watch - it will be on Verizon's network. Then, so long AT&T, its been nice knowing ya!

by at&t user on Jan 4, 2010

I am from mid-west Tennessee, and according to Verizon's map of at&t's 3g coverage, there is no 3g coverage where I'm from. This is in fact a false statement, as I get 3g coverage in plenty of places in mid-west Tennessee that are not shown on that map.

by cami McRae on Feb 8, 2010

att rocks!

by Jim on Mar 7, 2010

Verizon's network technology can not handle the mass amount of people that use iPhones. I don't have or want an iPhone but i'm sticking with AT&T. If the time comes that Verizon adopts the global standard of GSM I would switch. Verizon does not allow the use of voice and data at the same time and their 3G network isn't much faster than AT&Ts 2G(EDGE) network.

by rah on Mar 9, 2010

The att map is the mobile TV map not the actual 3g coverage map. the actual 3g map is much more coverage than Verison. So verison will lilly loose this battle.

by nando on Jun 1, 2010

at&t is the best... verizon sucks

by kevin on Aug 3, 2010

rah, youre stupid. two comments above you the guy said its been thrown out of court because the maps are accurate.

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 9, 2010

i have had att / cingular for 15 years now an there network drops calls an internet coverage constantly

by AT&T User on Nov 28, 2010

I have been an ATT/Cingular customer for about 15 years. I live in a town of 10,000 and I am between metro areas. I am so tired of AT&T catering to metropolitan areas and not offering 3g coverage to the rural areas. I am waiting to see if Verizon Wireless offers the Iphone in January. If they do, I'm switching. If they don't I'm still switching. It's like I have dial-up on my cell phone.

by anonymous on Nov 28, 2010

@Nando, it may be the best where you live, but it's not where I live. It sucks.

by Steve on Jan 11, 2011

Wake up at&t people, at&t covers 97 percent of americans, not 97 percent of america. So that means Verizon covers more people because they cover royal areas. Maybe verizon should sue at&t for decieving advertisement. I hade at&t service with the iphones and cannot get no 3g coverage in any royal areas. So I got the droid x through verizon and have 3g coverage everywhere I go. The droid is a better Phone. It has an 8 megapixel camera and takes great video and you can download flash player which at&t won't let you do on iphone.

by smart_@$$_dude on May 19, 2011

If you cannot get no 3g coverage then what is your problem? (insert double negative sarcasm where necessary)