In-App Purchases Coming to the iPhone

19 Oct 2009 | Apple | 1 comment


Apple has decided to allow developers to charge users for purchases made through their free iPhone applications.

This is a common practice on other platforms, where developers offer an app free of charge and then give them the option to purchase additional content, like add-ons or items.

This move was only possible due to the competition that was brought on by the BlackBerry and Android app stores, where the policy is much more open than Apple's.

iphone in-app purchase

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by Dave on Oct 31, 2009

Reality check:

Apple introduced in-app purchase in iPhone 3.0, and released the SDK over seven months ago. Given Apple's development cycle, that means it had been in development since before the BlackBerry and Android app stores had been introduced. So how on earth could in-app purchase have been in response to the "competition" from those stores?

Just sayin' is all.