New Verizon Ad Slams iPhone and AT&T

6 Oct 2009 | Apple , Verizon Wireless , att | 2 comments


verizon wireless logoRemember the early 2009 iPhone 3G "There's An App For That" ad where Apple was showing off the abundance of apps they had in the app store?

Well, Verizon just parodied that ad using Apple's tag line to criticize AT&T's 3G coverage, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone.

"[...] If you want to know why some people have spotty 3G coverage, there's a map for that too. With 5 times more 3G Coverage than the nation's number two wireless company, there's lots of reasons to switch."

Jealous much? Check out the ad below:


by Joe G. on Oct 6, 2009

That is awesome. I love my iPhone, but dearly miss my Verizon service. Where are the CDMA band iPhones?

by Carl Andres Jr on Oct 8, 2009

I totally believe in that commercial cuz in in Norfolk VA right now and there are some crapy spots all over in this Naval'd expect better service from AT&T...hpmh