Vonage Launches iPhone and BlackBerry Apps

5 Oct 2009 | Apple , BlackBerry , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments


Vonage today announced plans to offer cheap international phone calls via its application on both the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Unlike Skype, Vonage for iPhone users will even be able to make calls using AT&T's cellular network and not just the short-range Wi-Fi, which adds a few points to Vonage's favor.

Rates will depend on what country you call, but it will be cheaper than Vonage's own landline per-minute rate.

There are a few differences in how the application works on the iPhone and BlackBerry. iPhone users will have to open the Vonage app every time they want to make an international call using the cheaper rate, while a BlackBerry user will automatically revert to the Vonage rates over the wireless provider's every time an international number is dialed.

Initially, users will have to prepay for Vonage mobile calls and will be charged on a per-minute basis, according to the company. A flat monthly rate will follow soon.

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