Motorola Android Smartphone Launching on September 10?

25 Aug 2009 | Android , Google , Motorola , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments


In an effort to stay in touch with the times, Motorola is getting ready to launch its first Android OS based smartphone. The company has already sent out invites to journalists to attend an event on September 10 in San Francisco.

Motorola's going to keep all other details a secret, the only clue of what's to come is the little Android robot on the banner. Hey, mystery works for Apple, why shouldn't it work for Moto?

As you know, Motorola is part of Google's Open Handset Alliance and has already unveiled plans to create an Android phone some time ago. The success of this device will probably decide the fate of Motorola. Let's just how it's not going to be a RAZR.

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