Sprint Planning First 4G Phone?

19 Aug 2009 | Rumors , Software , Sprint | 0 comments


sprint u300 4gBack in September of last year, Sprint launched a 4G WiMax network in Baltimore, becoming the first major US carrier to accomplish this. Now, the company has added its network to three more cities and planning to expand to 17 more this year.

According to Sprint, the 4G network will allow users to download at speeds between 3Mbps and 6Mbps, which is about five times faster than their 3G network.

With the announcement of the new markets, rumors have already started flying around about a possible Samsung 4G handset that the company is already testing. Both Samsung and Sprint are part of the Open Handset Alliance, so we might even see a 4G Android OS smartphone this year.

Until that day comes, you can still use the 4G network by purchasing a 4G USB modem or a mobile broadband router. Unlimited 4G data plans go for $69.99.