RIM Intros BlackBerry Tools for Web Developers

29 Jul 2009 | BlackBerry , RIM , Smartphone , Software | 0 comments


Research In Motion today announced a new set of tools to help developers create web applications for BlackBerry smartphones. The tools RIM provides include the new BlackBerry Web Development plug-in for Eclipse and a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2.

These two plug-ins are part of RIM's developer tools for web and Java development, which also include a set of APIs that allow developers to create a wide variety of mobile apps. Some advantages of the Blackberry application platform include real-time push technology, security and data compression and network bandwidth utilization.

The BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse is available at www.blackberry.com/developers/webeclipse. With this plug-in, developers can debug and profile web pages displaying HTML and CSS content in addition to more complex applications using AJAX, Silverlight, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, JSP, and Python.

BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2 is available at www.blackberry.com/developers/webvisualstudio and it provides an all-in-one tool for developers to create web BlackBerry applications within the Visual Studio 2008 environment.

Both tools feature BlackBerry smartphone simulators for testing and debugging projects, and web application profiling for visibility into data traffic, load time and use of web based content, including elements such as images, CSS, JavaScript, HTML and objects.

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