Bluetooth 3.0 Officially Launched

23 Apr 2009 | Software | 0 comments


bluetooth 3 logoAs expected, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially introduced the new Bluetooth 3.0 standard this week. This version aims to improve the data speed by using 802.11 connections in order to send large files.

To do that, the new specification includes the 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL), which increases throughput to a theoretical maximum of 24 Mbps, which is enough to transmit your images, videos and music libraries.

The Bluetooth SIG said that during the transfer, power consumption is set to increase and they are already working on four new Bluetooth low energy chips.

Chip makers such as Atheros and Broadcom have already released chips based on the new specs, but consumer devices won't feature Bluetooth 3.0 at least until the end of the year. But according to BSIG chief Mike Foley, any device that already features Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a 802.11 G card may be able to use the Bluetooth 3.0 functionalities via a software update.