Verizon sells 1 million BlackBerry Storms since launch

29 Jan 2009 | BlackBerry , Financial , RIM , Verizon Wireless | 4 comments


In spite of the economic problems every body else seems to be having, Verizon's earnings have improved in the fourth quarter of last year with 7% compared to earnings in the same period in 2007.

Verizon also posted a reaction to a report made by The Wall Street Journal, which said that because of firmware problems, the BlackBerry Storm had a "bumpy start". But according to the carrier, they sold 1 million units, which is not that bumpy, but still far from AT&T's iPhone 3G, which sold over 2.4 million units.

The BlackBerry Storm, Research in Motion's first touchscreen smartphone was launched exclusively for Verizon on November 21st.

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by chris on Jan 29, 2009

I can't wait for the Palm Pre to launch. I want to see how many units will that thing sell.

by I WANT A PHONE on Jan 29, 2009

Is this phone good?

by ashley on Jan 30, 2009

this phone is like totally amazing..i got it when it came out.

by joe b on Jan 30, 2009

come on verizon!! just admit that you are having though times, we all are.