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Motorola's W233 recycled water bottle phone announced

7 Jan 2009 | CES , CES 2009 , Motorola | 4 comments


CES 2009 - Motorola is going green. The company has announced the W233 candy bar handset at the 2009 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show.

There's nothing special about this phones, except the fact that the plastic housing is made out recycled plastic water bottles and it's the world's first carbon neutral phone. The tree hugging doesn't stop here. They were also able to reduce the size of the box by 22% and use recycled paper for the manual and other printed materials.

If you're interested, the Motorola W233 will be launched by T-Mobile in the first quarter of 2009.

motorola w233 recycled bottles


by Stuart on Jan 7, 2009

Meh, everybody is trying to be green now. It's the new fad.

by eze ikechukwu on Jan 7, 2009

hi motor,compliment of the season , i love this w2333 infact its great .i like it .

by Katie on Jan 7, 2009

I want it!!! Where do i buy it?

by Bobby B. on Jan 7, 2009

Katie, you should ask T-Mobile. It should launch in the first 3 months of this year.