Google and T-Mobile selling unlocked HTC G1s to developers

6 Dec 2008 | Google , Smartphone , Software | 2 comments


If you're a registered Google Android developer looking to test your new Android apps or are just in search of an unlocked HTC G1, you're in luck. Google has started selling special "developer versions" of the first Google Phone for $399, which are unlocked and contract-free.

So what's the catch you ask? As I previously said, you need to be a registered Google Android developer. Becoming an official Android developer is pretty easy, as it only costs $25. So if you think that $424 is a low enough price to pay to get this phone completely unlocked head on to T-Mobile's site to order yours

Also, a good news if you're outside the US. The G1 Android smartphone is available to international users as well, in 18 different regions.



by Anonymous Coward on Dec 7, 2008

damn ugly

by rocknrolla on Dec 8, 2008

its cool especially for taking pictures but what about video...