Nokia N97 mobile computer announced

2 Dec 2008 | Nokia , Smartphone | 32 comments


nokia n97 thumbToday in Barcelona, Nokia unveiled the latest addition to their N-series devices, the much-anticipated Nokia N97 mobile computer.

Designed for the net-savvy users, the N97 features a large 3.5-inch tilt touchscreen, which hides a full QWERTY keyboard underneath.

Storage-wise, the Nokia N97 is packed with 32 GB of internal memory and a microSD memory card for up to 16GB of extra memory. Do the math.

Nokia also added a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, wide aperture angle with dual LED flash and a dedicated light for video capture at VGA quality (30fps). Other features include support for services like Share on Ovi, Nokia Music Store, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, integrated A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, speakerphone and TV output.

Nokia is set to launch the N97 mobile computer in the first half of 2009 for a price of about EUR 550 (about $700).

nokia n97 open
nokia n97 front


by mj on Dec 3, 2008

48 GB total memory?? that's awesome! you can surly upload every piece of music you will need + some vids, not like on my 8gb iphone.

by jay on Dec 3, 2008

is this thing coming to the us?

by rob on Dec 3, 2008

not anytime soon

by Raj on Dec 4, 2008

i need this now 4 my music gallery

by ken on Dec 6, 2008

48GB N97 how u all think in malaysia selling price?

by nik on Dec 8, 2008

hahahahah SAMSUNG SGH I900 OMNIA is very better

by nik on Dec 8, 2008

hahahahah SAMSUNG SGH I900 OMNIA is very better

by João Victor on Dec 8, 2008

HOw much is this???

by AirbornePT on Dec 8, 2008

Dec 8, 2008 - nik :

"hahahahah SAMSUNG SGH I900 OMNIA is very better"

Sorry nik but i completely desagree with u..OMNIA just suck's.. I'm supervisor of the biggest comunications company of Portugal and we receive lot's of complains because that cellphone.Why? software problems, incompatibility with some products and services.. one of the worse Samsumg cellphone ever!!
but each one knows what it likes!!

by Raiden on Dec 19, 2008

I like Nokia Phone.Nokia Touch phone is better then other touch phone

by peter on Dec 19, 2008

how much will be selling in malaysia?

by Tracy on Dec 21, 2008

it rockssssss im soooo buyin ittttt

by joebc on Dec 21, 2008

that is the best phone on earth !!!!!!!!!!!

by Krema on Jan 13, 2009

This is the most perfect phone i`ve ever seen
It has killer mp3, touch screen and a qwerty.
It`s all I ever wanted
All I ever needed

by enriquemartinez on Feb 8, 2009

i have the iphone and at first i was really exited and i still like it, but this is the best phone i have ever seen and ive seen alot of phones, i ma get this thing.. well gotta start saving up

by elmeem on Feb 18, 2009

this phone is amazing ,,

has everything..that i need

& i can wait any more to buy it

by Shan on Feb 28, 2009

Its awesome is it available in india

by Rodane on Mar 4, 2009

I realy need one of these phones.....But dont think it will reach Jamaicanfor a long time

by Nyi Zaw on Mar 5, 2009

good! I like Nokia N97. how much this !

by noki07 on Mar 7, 2009

wow this phone is so cool. It just says it by it self that nokia rocks. 48gb memory. Touch screen. Big screen. + keyboard. Web on that phone will be amazing. First i fell in love with 5800 now this. Gosh its so cool. Well done nokia. This is iphone and storm killer. If nokia will include all kind of office and other proper tools its gonna be great. Go nokia go.

by rockstar on Mar 7, 2009

this is most rocking phone ever.....
I would love to buy it but it might be expensive and i can't afford it but anyway keep it up NOKIA! n keep rocking!

by Ajay on Mar 9, 2009

This phone has got everything that a phone has to. The concept of widgets actually impressed me a lot.

Hope to see it rolling into the market soon.


by shuaib on Mar 16, 2009

what about camera?:O

by MAJED on Mar 18, 2009

can we listen to the stored songs on N97 during radio FM( is it has feature FM transimet)

by zaur on Mar 19, 2009

I am gonna buy.then I wil tell you how its

by cjurgens on Mar 21, 2009

i have read a lot of reviews of different phones and seen ALOT of phone reviews on youtube and various podcasts and i must say i am most impressed by Nokia and this latest phone; the N97. I love touchscreen and including the full qwerty keyboard is totally awesome! i would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys!! i only wish it would support my network...cdma. but apart from that.... THIS IS THE BEST PHONE!!!!!

by genti on Mar 25, 2009

nnoone can compare with nokia, nokia4ever and N series are the best

by kay on Mar 25, 2009

nik - does the samsung have the qwerty keyboard?!

by CiNO on Apr 14, 2009

700$? I'm in ! I love this fone so much, Apple sucks, Nokia Rocks!

by Mad on Apr 29, 2009

No Samsung Omnia has no QWERTY k/board.

by -ezie- on May 12, 2009

well i think the price will be rm24++........usd change to malaysian u know the price la

by Mridu on Jun 5, 2010

M gonna buy this mobile....:)..decided!