Official: Verizon to launch the BlackBerry Storm on Nov 21

13 Nov 2008 | BlackBerry , RIM , Smartphone , Verizon Wireless | 16 comments


After last month's rumor that promised us the BlackBerry Storm for November 15, Verizon stepped up today to make everything official. The company will launch the highly expected BlackBerry Storm on November 21 for $199, after a $50 mail-in rebate and a 2-year contract.

In case you forgot, here's a feature recap for the BlackBerry Storm: 480 x 360 pixel TFT SurePress touch screen, QWERTY landscape, 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording, Media Player, 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.0 and built-in GPS.

Memory-wise the Storm includes 1GB of internal memory, 128MB of flash memory and a microSD card slot. (UPDATE: with an 8GB microSD card included in the box)

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by john on Nov 13, 2008

the rumor wasn't off that much, better late than never.

by Cat on Nov 13, 2008

The memory listed above doesn't take note of the fact that in the box the Storm includes an 8GB micro SD card.

by Norbert on Nov 13, 2008


You're right. Thanks for letting us know.

by Matt on Nov 13, 2008

What brand will the 8gb card be? VZW normally carries SanDisk but if it will be boxed by RIM, what brand will they box it with?

by Ben on Nov 13, 2008

The verzion website for the phone shows a picture of the "SanDisk" card the phone is coupled with.

by Eric on Nov 13, 2008

I wonder what the price is without a contract?

by Sam on Nov 13, 2008


I seem to recall that they go for $499 without a contract.

by andy on Nov 13, 2008

cheaper to cancel your contract and get

by chris on Nov 13, 2008

I just finally touched one at the verizon store. There was a district manager that brought one by to show off and it is amazing! They are available for employees to buy tomorrow. This means you can go to a corporate store and ask to play with one.

by joe on Nov 13, 2008

it will be $519.99 at full retail. great phone with an awesome keyboard

by Julia on Nov 14, 2008

I hate the blackberry storm i just broke one and now have to buy it biut i did not even do it they fixed me i now have to pay 500 dollars for no apparent reason.

by Suresh on Nov 14, 2008

I was looking forward for the release of the Blackberry Storm. But, I am so disappointed to know from Verizon that there would NOT be any international roaming facility.

by shana on Nov 14, 2008

does it come with picture messaging(without sending email) a friend of mine has the pearl and it don't have got to send it email all the time

by kayla on Nov 14, 2008

how much is it with a contract?
if im a new customer

by cole on Nov 14, 2008


Your friend does not know their phone very well. The storm will include picture messaging, also known as MMS message. The pearl has this feature as well. Please have your friend re-look through their messaging options.

by Arab on May 2, 2011

I just bought an blackberry storm losers lol