AT&T offers free Wi-Fi to iPhone and BlackBerry users

30 Oct 2008 | Apple , BlackBerry , RIM , att | 1 comment

att wifi iphone blackberry

AT&T today announced that it has started offering free Wi-Fi services to iPhone and BlackBerry customers. AT&T currently owns the largest Wi-Fi network in the US, with over 17,000 hotspots, which include Startbucks, Barnes & Noble and more.

Only iPhone / iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold customers will be able to enjoy the free Wi-Fi for now, with the Pearl 8120 / 8820 following their path later this year.

AT&T is planning to make the free Wi-Fi offer available to other mobile devices in the future.

~ 1 comment ~

by Steve on Nov 6, 2008

Just got a hold of the bold, and besides the web browser experience which the I phone has down pat, the bold makes the I phone look like a child toys. A totally open third party application friendly phone, not to mention the email is blackberry and cannot be beat, it has voice activation, mms... Let's send a pic without attaching it to an email... I phone this is not new technology blackberry has created. 1 gb onboard memory, expandable to 32gb, faster 3 g browser than the I phone and I can change the battery, streaming stereo bluetooth profile, most definitely an I phone killer in every aspect except the I phone safari browser. Enjoy crackberry addicts