Security flaw found in Google Android OS

28 Oct 2008 | Google , Security , Smartphone , Software | 4 comments


google android logoAccording to researchers from Independent Security Evaluators, Google's new Android mobile operating system is vulnerable to a serious security flaw found in the browser, enabling hackers to access information such as saved passwords, cookies and more.

The open source operating system uses more than 80 different open source packages. Researchers also mentioned that the flaw comes from Google not keeping these packages up to date.

Google was contacted regarding the flaw on October 20, two days before the first Android-based phone, the G1, was launched.

The Android OS is expected to be added on multiple handsets in the near future and Google said that this security flaw won't have a negative impact upon future releases.

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by chelsea on Oct 28, 2008

awesome phone

by idk on Oct 28, 2008

weird phone but cool!

by john on Oct 28, 2008

what are you people talking about? did you even read the article?

by Angy on Oct 28, 2008

Wow...that is pretty..crazy.