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Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch launched

27 Oct 2008 | Apple , Google , Software | 1 comment


google earth iphoneGoogle has just launched the mobile version of Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Just like Google Maps, Earth includes a My Location button that will automatically detect your location and fly there. Additionally, the app includes links to the Wikipedia pages of the cities and over 8 million Panoramio high-quality geo-located photos, which you can view on your device.

Another feature is the ability to do local search for restaurants, businesses and other places, each with full detail pages packed with reviews, photos, business hours and other info.

Google also added a "search near me" feature to Earth, which searches and takes you to businesses near your location without having to navigate there first or type in the name of the city.

Google Earth is available for free at the iTunes App Store.

google earth iphone panoramio

~ 1 comment ~

by nick on Oct 27, 2008

it's really slick and pretty fast even on 3G, so it doens't need wi-fi to run at a decent speed.