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LG and Samsung's new addition for Sprint

21 Oct 2008 | LG , Sprint | 7 comments


Sprint will now be providing its subscribers with a much better line-up of new phones with the addition of two new Samsung phones and 1 ultra-chic LG mobile phone. Two QWERTY phones and a dual-sliding mobile music phone are offered to you by Sprint so you just have to change your old phone now.

The LG Lotus and Samsung Rant are the 2 QWERTY texting phones. LG Lotus has a square design with two screens. It has a flip design that makes this even cooler but, let's face it, the square design isn't really all that attractive but we just have to admit this phone is quite impressive! The Samsung Rant, on the other hand, is a QWERTY slider with EV-DO and GPS.

The Samsung Highnote is a music phone for all music lovers. One look at it and you'd think it's really not a mobile phone but an MP3 player. It has a dual slide. If you slide it down, you'd find the keypad so you could text away! It has a rotating navigation ring just like a real MP3 player.

These new phones will be available just in time for Christmas.

samsung lg lotus rant highnote


by Jimmy on Oct 22, 2008

These phones are all garbage compared to the iPhone, plus Sprint is the last company I'd buy from. Horrible service and the company is close to going under.

by sausage_boy on Oct 23, 2008

if we end up comparing every phone to the iphone, then everything is garbage.

by 489 on Feb 26, 2009

their ALL awesome!

by someone on Apr 28, 2009

Well I dont think iphones are cool at all first of all if you drop it it doesnt work second of all its slipery and way to big and being spoiled and getting an iphone doesnt mean that your phone is better than all the other phone you know and my opinion is that the iphones are a piece of garbage...

by someone on Apr 28, 2009

also the iphone only comes in an ugly bad taste of color black ewww..

by someone on Apr 28, 2009

if you dont like sprint than why are you looking at a sprint website anyways.

by sexy ladie on Aug 29, 2009

i have the samsung rant i like it but the sreensaver thing at the bottom i hate it